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Ovacome is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving lives by educating the community about the symptoms of ovarian cancer that is often diagnosed in the later stages. We offer direct support to gynecologic cancer patients through meetings and presentations where survivors share their experiences with other patients and their families.
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Listen to Our Stories
Kris Walker
My name is Kris Walker and I am a uterine stromal sarcoma
cancer survivor. In the summer of 1998, I began to experience
sever abdominal bloating, heavier than normal periods, unusual
pain with intercourse, sporadic abdominal pain and twinges of
pain that would come on as quickly as they would disappear.

Did you know that there are 5 major types of gynecologic cancers?

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Our Events

  • Gynecologic cancer survivors tell their stories to third year medical and nursing students to educate them on subtle symptoms of these types of cancers. Gynecologic cancers, and especially ovarian cancer, are often misdiagnosed, so survivors stress the importance of empowering women to know their bodies. Learn more about our other events.
  • This annual fundraiser is Ovacome’s signature event. Held during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, September, it celebrates the many brave women who fought this cancer and honors those who have passed. The event features dinner service, a silent auction and several guest speakers. Teal Triumphs is Ovacome’s only fundraiser throughout the year. To participate in next years event, please contact us.
  • The Mayor of Tampa issued an official proclamation that declares the first Friday of September “Turn the Town Teal Day.” During this day, citizens are encouraged to wear teal and participate in activities that raise awareness about the symptoms, causes and preventative measures for these diseases. Learn more about our other events.